Professional Appraisal Services for: Antiques, Fine Art, Furniture, Memorabilia, Collectibles, and Household Property

Reasons to Get an Estate Appraisal

A professional estate appraisal from Jane Alexiadis provides the required legal documentation required for a variety of purposes and functions. Jane's personal property appraisals help you manage financial risk and avoid costly tax auditing and legal fees. All documents provided by Jane are in compliance with the Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. Her appraisals will help you:

Calculate Estate Taxes

An appraisal is necessary for a taxable estate. One must efficiently catalogue the property to provide an appraisal that meets the IRS requirements.

Document Non-cash Charitable Contributions

An appraisal is recommended to substantiate a donation to a charitable organization of $1,000 but it is required for anything above $5,000.

Distribute Property Equitably

An appraisal is used to settle divorce or estates for fair distribution of property that is based on fair market value.

Protect Your Belongings with Insurance

An appraisal documents the existence, condition and replacement value of your belongings. For insurance purposes, it is wise to have an updated appraisal every five years.

Protect Your Belongings when Relocating

Due to the limited protection for damage or loss by moving companies, a complete appraisal of all belongings is recommended before you move.

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